​​​​E.L. Pilates

"I'm 65 and have been having leg pain for the last three years. I've been doing private Pilates lessons with Liz for the last five months and I'm finally seeing some improvement. I am now much more mobile and can walk further that I have been able to for some time. My balance is markedly improved. I would highly recommend Liz. She brings a breadth of expertise to our sessions." -Conwell

E.L Pilates loves working for the aging population, however it's never too early to get a jump start on keeping your body healthy as you age. Pilates private sessions are so versatile that they can be created to fit the needs of a 20-something training athlete to a 90+ client just looking to maintain their current level of health. Click on Services for more information!

The mission of E.L. Pilates's Senior Health Program is to offer quality private Pilates sessions for individuals with increased physical needs due to age or injury. I am passionate about helping people improve their quality of life through physical exercises designed to help relieve chronic pain, correct postural misalignments, and improve overall health. 

I first discovered my passion of working with seniors when one of my former college professors asked me to work with her then 88-year old mother after she had suffered a fall. With mentoring from a Master Pilates teacher, I designed a program for her to help her recover from her fall, manage her arthritis, help prevent future falls, and help her maintain her independence. Two years later, her posture was dramatically more erect, her breath capacity increased and she was able to maintain her same level of independence. These changes came through focusing our efforts on realigning her body from her ankle to the top of her head in a more anatomically efficient position. This change helped her feel more confident walking by herself and gave her the tools to continue to improve.